Skills and Youth Development in South Africa

What is Skills Development, how is it important and how is it connected to Youth Development in our country? Skill building or development is a powerful tool in aiding and empowering individuals to improve their social acceptance. Skills development met with economic growth and employment opportunity compliments the rising aspirations of our youth. This in turn, strengthens the economy and therefore business.

But how do businesses incorporate skills development into the everyday running of the business? We have a few suggestions:

  • Internships: Offer students an internship at your business whereby they  learn the necessary skills needed for the job by watching and taking part in business activities and meetings.
  • Programmes: Create a Skill’s Development programme for students that allow them to partake every few months in a short programme where they can learn or practice skills pertaining to the business. This way you can also even make a shortlist of students that can be scouted for certain jobs within the business.

There are many ways to include this very important B-BBEE factor within your business, however most businesses do struggle in finding the most effective and efficient way forward for them. This is where we come in. Have a look at the link below and contact us for more information.