Our Impact Inspired Launchpad Winner Discusses Takeaways

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Our first round of our Impact Inspired closed with a pitch competition and the winner was Reitumetse Matla, founder of Greenthings Projects. Greenthings Projects’ goal is to create an app that would link small-holder farmers with resources (everything from advice to low-cost fertilizers). Reitumetse has a lot of great things to say, not only about his takeaways from participating in […]

Understanding the definition of “51% black-owned” under the dti codes (also: Gazetting the Forest Sector Code)

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The BEE Commissioner has issued a non-binding Practice Guide, the focus of which is the achievement of the coveted “51% black owned”  or “100% black owned” statuses for Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSEs) and Exempted Micro Enterprises (EMEs), which elevates such companies with an annual turnover below R50m to an automatic Level 2 or Level 1 […]

Looking back to move forward: new paradigms in business affecting future investment trends

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The world is changing and paradigms of business that worked so well during the industrial revolution are becoming less relevant. What is the future of business and how will this affect investment? When you think of the origins of business, what comes to mind? Cavemen and women bartering with stone tools, or perhaps something more […]

Earth’s Got Talent (or does it…?)

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Sometimes we South Africans think we experience unique challenges that the rest of the world doesn’t experience. Certainly, we have nuances and challenges which play out a little differently to the rest of the world, but I was reminded yet again after recent trips to international conferences in San Francisco and Washington, how similar the […]

Global brands leading the pack of socially and environmentally responsible companies

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The economies of the world are in transition. Uncertainty about the future is rising, political dissatisfaction around the world is increasing, and as people believe that they have to share an ever decreasing pie and limited natural resources with more people (who then are often shown as the “other”, i.e. foreigners, refugees etc.), selfish self-preservation […]