Kevin Naidoo

BSc (Computer Science)

Kevin Naidoo is an entrepreneur and successful businessman based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Some of his key areas of focus and work have been:

  • in the Financial Services industry where from 2000 until 2015 he worked primarily with blue collar workers and other underserved communities. This included 10 years in his own businesses which included businesses in Employee Benefits consulting and administration, Trust Fund administration, Asset Management, Life Insurance, Private Equity and Tracing Services. The group of businesses gave him exposure to businesses through-out the African continent and, particularly with Private Equity business, exposure to businesses in Energy (particularly Clean Energy), Technology, Hospitality, Logistics, Mining and Petrochemicals.
  • in Software Development and Technology, where he worked with the development of software for the Financial Services industry including in Banking, Insurance, Asset Management and Administration, for Mining industry and for the non-profit sector.
  • in the Creative industries, where Kevin established The Orbit in 2014, a live music venue in Braamfontein. The Orbit is rated one of the top 200 jazz clubs in the world and has established a globally recognisable name that provides a platform for creative musicians who are producing their own music.Kevin also has interests in a farming, particularly with farming aimed at finding indigenous products to sell to a global market, interests in a PVC piping manufacturer and sits on and advises to various boards.He has shifted from a strong focus on Financial Services to the Creative industries with a view that the Creative industries can have a far greater impact in creating societal change, in alleviating poverty and in assisting people to live happier lives than economics alone.