Inequality in South Africa: the responsibility of all citizens

Whether you agree with how wages are divided up, with CEOs earning unlimited millions of rands every year and low level workers earning too little to support Maslow’s most basic needs, we surely must be able to acknowledge as a nation that South Africa is in a dire place and that it needs serious help, and fast. […]

Global brands leading the pack of socially and environmentally responsible companies

The economies of the world are in transition. Uncertainty about the future is rising, political dissatisfaction around the world is increasing, and as people believe that they have to share an ever decreasing pie and limited natural resources with more people (who then are often shown as the “other”, i.e. foreigners, refugees etc.), selfish self-preservation […]

a Trillion Fracking Rands: what’s in it for me

Joshua Davis, writing about the founder of Bitcoin, notes that technology with a compelling story is hard to stop.  Taking this thinking a step further, when that technology solves a critical problem or need that society faces and pays enormous dividends to its patrons, its adoption becomes hard to prevent. Viewing hydraulic fracking (the process […]