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Simanye Group is passionate about social and economic change in South Africa. As a business we provide specialist consulting services in Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Economic Development, with a focus on delivering what our clients need to make their businesses thrive while helping to improve the overall economic development of South Africa.  Through the Simanye Trust we pool Enterprise Development and Socio-economic Development funding and invest it in the research and development of innovative social enterprises.  Since 2011 we have started multiple projects in diverse areas such as urban farming, microfranchising, holistic community development, small enterprise development, and a range of others. As we are a small and passionate team we often have internal Hot Topics sessions on Fridays where we discuss some of the key socio-economic issues in South Africa and try to break these down and understand their causes as well as potential solutions. We have started this blog as a way to bring some of our more interesting Hot Topic discussions to all of you and to stimulate thought, discussion and action in some of these critical areas. We will therefore be bringing you short thought pieces every few weeks written by different members of our team on this blog.  Please feel free to engage with us on this page or on FacebookTwitter or Linkedin, where we already share interesting articles written by other fascinating thought leaders.  We look forward to hearing from you and helping foster dialogue that will move South Africa forward!

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