Development Advisory

We have often linked our economic development services to our BEE projects but have experience in a range of international development best practice paradigms as well as in social enterprise.

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Whether you need help planning or implementing your economic development project, or simply assistance with a log frame or a Theory of Change, we can offer you a range of options for your community and economic development needs. We specialize in asset-based, community driven models and use global best practice participatory, holistic, and integrated approaches. We have worked in high conflict mining communities as well as a range of other urban and rural contexts. We also leverage a range of partners to assist you with implementation should you require it.


We offer practical but thorough research into a range of impact, socio-economic, and development themes. We pride ourselves on investigating particularly new or innovative themes in these sectors. We have also done extensive work in converting research and experience into policy recommendations – including most notably for the South African social economy policy.


Due to our deep expertise in both the social economy and in B-BBEE we can offer specialized solutions for NGOs and social enterprises looking to not only comply with BB-BBEE but we also offer advisory on how to structure themselves in a way to access a range of related incentives.


We have extensive experience in supplier development and enterprise development across large sectors such as mining, chemicals, rail, and others. We also understand procurement to help you create sustainable solutions.


We can help you understand and measure your impact in a range of areas. We believe in lean and participatory approaches to assessments of this kind.

Note that since Lana now lives back in her home country of Croatia, we only take on occasional projects in this space. Contact us for more information.