B-BBEE Services

BEE is the core of what we do. We have deep expertise in B-BBEE verification and strategy, and can help you implement efficient, cost-effective score improvements while driving real transformation.

Please send enquiries to hello@simanye.co.za


Our management consulting background coupled with deep expertise in B-BBEE, allows us to create efficient, business aligned and impact-oriented solutions for B-BBEE. We help maximise points through real transformation.


We are experts in structuring a range of ownership deals and can also assist with finding the right broad-based BEE partners as needed.


Due to our deep expertise in both the social economy and in B-BBEE we can offer specialized solutions for NGOs and social enterprises looking to not only comply with BB-BBEE but we also offer advisory on how to structure themselves in a way to access a range of related incentives.


Our team can support you through your verification by managing your planned versus expected scoring, assisting with trouble shooting and interpretations with the VA and managing discrepancies between our original scorecard calculations and the draft BEE report. We also provide the use of our BEE Buddy tool, which has been custom-built to manage data and documentation submissions for verifications to minimise documentation errors and create transparency between the client and the verification agent.


We can offer assistance with development of bespoke projects across all the elements of the B-BBEE scorecard as well as offer a suite of investments and partnership across the various elements. We in particular specialise in:

– Enterprise Development
– Preferential Procurement and Supplier Development
– Skills Development
– Socio-Economic Development
– YES youth initiative

We actively support skills development through Lucha Lunako which our co-founder Alana started in 2020 to address the challenge of youth unemployment in South Africa. Please send enquiries to hello@simanye.co.za