Why operating as a social enterprise and making money isn’t contradictory

When talking about current social enterprise models (generally defined as self-sustaining or revenue generating entities with a social or environmental product or service) – which often involve selling a product or service to people who are living in poverty or are disadvantaged in some other way – one of the questions we often get is: […]

Earth’s Got Talent (or does it…?)

Sometimes we South Africans think we experience unique challenges that the rest of the world doesn’t experience. Certainly, we have nuances and challenges which play out a little differently to the rest of the world, but I was reminded yet again after recent trips to international conferences in San Francisco and Washington, how similar the […]

Unlikely Allies 2016: The Future of Cities

In  July, Simanye travelled as part of our involvement with Impact Hub Joburg to the Unlikely Allies Conference in Seattle, USA.  The conference was organised by the Impact Hub global network and involved two days of multi-stakeholder conference sessions on the Future of Cities, followed by 3 days of strategy and team building retreat for the […]

Mandela Day: The Spirit of Ubuntu

Ubuntu: (noun) derivative of Xhosa and Zulu a quality that includes the essential human virtues, compassion, and humanity. On Nelson Mandela Day we remember a man of integrity who inspired Africa to reach for the stars. On days such as today, one can’t help but feel closer to uTata’s ideals of peace, love, and unity. […]

Social Impact Bonds: A solution for South Africa’s Social Issues?

Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) are the latest financial innovation that is gaining a lot of buzz around the world, especially in developmental circles.  Despite their name, SIBs function in quite a different way than a traditional bond. At their core, SIBs allow the funding of certain initiatives based on outcomes being achieved – where investors […]

A Real Solution to the Youth Skills Gap: A Simanye Trust Success Story

One of the companies that the Simanye Trust has invested in, SA Back Office, is making waves in the skills and job creation space in SA. It helps companies get R5 B-BBEE recognition for every R1 spent while creating real impact in terms of sustainable skills for unemployed youth and at the same time providing […]

Impact Investing & BEE

Impact Investing is becoming an ever more hot topic globally as well as in South Africa, with more and more focus on both creating impact through investing as well as getting returns from impact. These are elements of the new economy since traditional development impact was mostly driven by non-profits while investing was generally the purview […]

The New Economy

Simanye recently spoke at Busara Leadership’s Partner’s “Economic Development Choices for South Africa” event focused on examining the topic of what businesses need to do to survive and thrive in the global economy. There was a lot of consideration given to the need for skills, the political landscape and various economist’s and investment manager’s outlooks. Simanye […]