2018’s Impact Launchpad Finalists

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This year’s session of our Impact Launchpad is well underway at Impact Hub Joburg. 2018’s programme has a focus on the health, wellness and fitness industries and the finalists this year have some exciting and innovative early-stage start-up ideas that they are beginning to take shape. This week’s session participants are covering the Business Model […]

Earth’s Got Talent (or does it…?)

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Sometimes we South Africans think we experience unique challenges that the rest of the world doesn’t experience. Certainly, we have nuances and challenges which play out a little differently to the rest of the world, but I was reminded yet again after recent trips to international conferences in San Francisco and Washington, how similar the […]

The Entrepreneurial State

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Mariana Mazzucato, a Professor of the Economics of Innovation at the University of Sussex puts forward her thoughts on what one of the roles of government should be in capitalist markets. Recognising that market efficiency is theoretical rather than reality, she argues that policymakers should use the tools and resources available to them that are […]

Mandela Day: The Spirit of Ubuntu

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Ubuntu: (noun) derivative of Xhosa and Zulu a quality that includes the essential human virtues, compassion, and humanity. On Nelson Mandela Day we remember a man of integrity who inspired Africa to reach for the stars. On days such as today, one can’t help but feel closer to uTata’s ideals of peace, love, and unity. […]

Impact Investing & BEE

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Impact Investing is becoming an ever more hot topic globally as well as in South Africa, with more and more focus on both creating impact through investing as well as getting returns from impact. These are elements of the new economy since traditional development impact was mostly driven by non-profits while investing was generally the purview […]