Tumi Mmutle

Tumi Profile


My name is Tumi Mmutle and I am the BEE Manager at Simanye.

My work entails BEE scorecard assessment for various entity sized Clients for verification, planning for the year and tracking action items throughout the measured period. Ensuring the team is comfortable and has adequate resources to fulfill their roles.

I was introduced into the BEE space as a process analyst to review and document day-to-day operational processes in May 2018, I then realised to understand and improve the processes, I would need to work with a few Clients, and  I have never looked back.

I am currently in the process of completing my BCOM in Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

I find that through my work with various Clients, I am able to articulate and translate BEE Act and Clients are able to see how BEE creates a more reasonable and sustainable business environment, which in return will benefit companies, employees and communities.

Simanye allows me the opportunity to unplug from work get a chance to recharge and unwind.  I am an introvert; however it is amazing how Simanye was able to tap into my professional extrovert side by giving me space to independently do my work and achieve my professional and personal goals

Before joining Simanye, I was fortunate to work for two major South African banks as a process analyst for 8 years.