Zandile Pendu

Zandile Staff Photo

I am Zandile Pendu,  a Senior BEE Analyst at Simanye Consulting. I have been in the BEE space for 6 years.

My day-to-day job at a high level is to assist clients who want to achieve a better BEE level. We gather their data, score, and verify their documents. We assist in planning and tracking for their BEE projects for the year. We also assist in implementation.

I am currently studying a Diploma in Financial Management and am in my final year.

BEE is very close to my heart, being one of the people who has benefited from one of the BEE initiatives (a learnership). It has change my life including my family. It has afforded me an opportunity to better myself, and further my studies. B-BBEE means transformation, enhancing the opportunities for young black individuals.

There is a lot I like about working for Simanye Consulting but what stands out the most is the fact employees are encouraged to further their studies. They are all about growth and development.

Prior to working from Simanye, I was on a learnership sponsored by Investec, where I was hosted for work place experience by a company called BEE Shop. It was through my work experience here that I met Simanye and was offered an opportunity.