Simanye Consulting contributes significantly to the society and communities in which it operates including supporting feeding organisations, bursaries and university fees for students and various social enterprises, through a variety of means including donations, soft loans, time and advisory services. As part of this, we donate at least 20% of our profits annually into these initiatives.

What We Do

We are experts in B-BBEE, economic development, and social enterprise – with three main arms to our business that help complement each other:

B-BBEE Verification & Consulting

Our consulting and audit business offers a range of specialized and expert services in B-BBEE, development advisory, social enterprise, research, impact assessment, and related areas.

Development Advisory Consulting

We often link our development advisory services to our BEE projects but have experience in a range of international development best practice paradigms as well as in social enterprise models.

Impact Investing

We started our impact investing entity a few years ago because we wanted to go beyond advisory, to be directly involved in supporting impact enterprises ourselves.

Our Core Values


We pride ourselves on our expertise, value-add, professionalism, and friendly, on-time service delivery tailored to your needs. We will go the extra mile for you.



Aside from our deep ethics, we believe in creating a real impact – both directly and indirectly. This is one of the reasons we started our own impact investing arm. When we consult on solutions, we speak from experience of impact on the ground, and not just academically.


We believe the world has changed drastically and so too has the context of business. At the same time, there are many global social and environmental challenges. Finding new solutions, new business models and fostering next level thinking helps companies become more competitive even as they help solve global problems.

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