BEE: Has a once-well-intentioned policy lost its way?

Between the idea and the reality Between the motion and the act Falls the shadow – T.S. Eliot I have been operating in the BEE industry for well over a decade and have found myself fighting a losing battle against deep cynicism over the last year. It’s hard to tell whether this is simply because […]

A Real Solution to the Youth Skills Gap: A Simanye Trust Success Story

One of the companies that the Simanye Trust has invested in, SA Back Office, is making waves in the skills and job creation space in SA. It helps companies get R5 B-BBEE recognition for every R1 spent while creating real impact in terms of sustainable skills for unemployed youth and at the same time providing […]

Impact Investing & BEE

Impact Investing is becoming an ever more hot topic globally as well as in South Africa, with more and more focus on both creating impact through investing as well as getting returns from impact. These are elements of the new economy since traditional development impact was mostly driven by non-profits while investing was generally the purview […]

Welcome to Simanye’s Blog – Open dialogue on economic development in South Africa

Simanye Group is passionate about social and economic change in South Africa. As a business we provide specialist consulting services in Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Economic Development, with a focus on delivering what our clients need to make their businesses thrive while helping to improve the overall economic development of South Africa.  Through […]